Kuwait (Stage 5)
The International Department of the Environment

In Kuwait, the oil-well fires started by the retreating Iraqi army during the Gulf War are an environmental disaster. The destruction of the stockpiled munitions compounded the crisis as toxic chemicals were released into the atmosphere. These are examples of crises that did not have to occur. Pollution occurs every day, and in every nation, but not as a result of war.

The Earth is a closed eco-system, and what occurs in one location will eventually affect the entire planet. Every individual has the right to live in a pristine environment, and so practices that lead to pollution and givernment policies that condone pollution must end for the common good. Pollution is a global issue, and so takes and international body to end the crisis.

Stage 1:

Our plan is first to create the international body with the authority to resolve the crises that affect the planet, and that allows the entire planet to be in on the resolution of the crisis. The world's experts, with shared research, will find solutions. The Department of the Environment must start quickly as possible to deal with all the environmental issues.

Stage 2:

Our channels are working with the spiritual hierarhcy to offer knowledge about the root cause of the crisis, and turning it over to our independent members to create our projects. Not only do we have the world's leading experts, we also have a wider perspective, and we are willing to share this information so everyone can function on a higher level.

Stage 3:

The people who have been affected by environmental crisis have the right to stand in protest against their governments who condone practices that pollute the environment. As we introduce our innovative projects, they are welcome to join the debate and speak about their experiences. The projects allow mankind to transition out of the old structure by introducing new practices that function on a higher level.

Stage 4:

A nation has the right to decide what occurs within it borders, but when it affects the entire planet, the international government must step in to address the issue. The international government will have the right to demand the contamination be cleaned up. The Department of the Envirnment will assist in the process.

Stage 5:

The United States has allowed pollution to occur in other nations that have lower environmental standards. In the long run, that policy backfired on the United States as the pollution spreds onto our soil and air.

Stage 6:

we recommend every effort be made to keep the global environment pristine.