Kuwait (Stage 4)
Fair and Impartial Judicial System / Islam

Islam addresses the "glitches" segment of the Faith of the Pure Ray. A Muslim's power game of choice is terrorism. It is one thing to stand against the power games, of being denied a voice, but terrorism is a power game in itself when it draws innocent people into the crisis. The root cause of terrorism is being denied a voice in matters of grave concern and lashing out in anger. Inequality and intolerance occurs on all levels. There is no need to lash out in anger when one has recourse to change what is unfair.

For fair trials in the international judicial system of the One World Government, every nation must be seen as equal under the law. Every indivdual must be treated fairly and equally and have recourse to change what is unfair. Every nationa and indivdual must be treated fairly and equally. There can be no judgment that one nation or one individual holds more power and esteem than another, and another has less.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to establish a fair and impartial international judicial system based on Universal Law, which considers every person on the planet to be equal, and affords to ehm their inalienable right to have a voice in their government. Our judicial system will supersede the ICC and the ICJ. The United Nations does not stand on the principles that all nations are considered equal.

Stage 2:

Each of our organization advisors, when creating a project, will have to eventually address the purification of U.S. laws. Just as Islam addresses the problems in society and stands in protest, our projects protest what is unfair and then offer workable solutions based on the highest good for all people.

Stage 3:

OUr Social Conscience cards start with a call to stand in protest when you see oppression, but also warn that no one will listen unless you can offer a plan that undoes the damage. Our cards draw people into our training center classes to learn how to create a plan.

Stage 4:

We encourage all nations to listen to the people who are standing in protest rather than to judge the dissidents and take military action against their own people. Oftentimes dissidents are protesting what is unfair, and to correct the glitch will end the protests.

Stage 5:

The U.N. judges a nation on its behavior rather than considered all to be equal. This opens the door to covert and overt actions by nations that take advantage of the situation. Then to deny recourse to change what is unfair foments terrorism.

Stage 6:

We recommend the creation of the international judicial systemm to enable the peoples of the world to have recourse to change what is unfair.People who have been oppressed all want one thing, and that is to be treated equally.