Kuwait (Step 3)
Planning Classes

People in many nations are protesting that the power games played by the governments are oppressive. They believe they are being denied their inalienable rights to create their life without interference. When Saddam Hussein protested before the Arab League that the U.N. sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, it started to collapse the old structure based on the games. The games continue on until an innocent person is sacrificed.

No one will listen to your protests unless you assume responsibility to undo the damage done by those who play the game of Greed, and can offer a plan that enables everyone to function on a higher level. Your plan must address the root cause of the crisis, or it makes the crisis worse. The overview root cause of all the crises are the games.

Stage 1:

When the games reach their ultimate conclusion, it generates fear. People have three choices: up, down or straight ahead. Up is to come up with a plan that benefits everyone. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. Down is to devolve deeper into the games. Our plan is to teach the principles of the Planning Process, and turn responsibility over to the people who are willing to undo the damage.

Stage 2:

The teacher of the Planning Classes is the head of our technology segment, which involves coming up with a plan that solves problems.

Stage 3:

the Planning Classes are part of our Training Center. The people who stand in protest are being encouraged to assume responsibility for undoing the damage done by those who play the game of Greed. they will create plans that solve the problems.

Stage 4:

We are demonstrating the potential of our innovative projects to the people who have the expertise based on talents and gifts, and allowing them to assume responsibility, and ripple by ripple, the idea will expand, from individual to city to state to nation to the international level.

Stage 5:

Our organization does not have the credibility to prove that our innovative projects are capable of solving the problems. The focus of the U.S. government is to work with major corporations. We must do it by demonstration, step by step, and stage by stage.

Stage 6:

Everyone has an abundance of talents and gifts, a lifetime of experience in their field, and is willing to work to create their life on a higher level. We recommend that no segment of the population, including the lower segments, be left out of consideration.