Kuwait (Stage 2)
Conflict Resolution Related to the Plan/Full Training Session

The rite at Stonehenge will be between two "kings." One was standing on the principles and the other playing the games. This started a series of battles, and the next to be drawn into the crisis were those who were affected financially. This conflict affected the security or support of the surrounding kingdoms.

When your support or security is threatened, it triggers fears and you wage war. A nation's security must not be dependent on alliances between nations. If the goals are different, eventually the relationship will be torn apart, and it provides an opening for games of one-upmanship. The international government will provide security between nations.

Stage 1:

Our organization has been torn apart by conflict, and has gone through the same series of battles. We call them the Battles of Armageddon because they tear apart relationships when the goals are different. Our plan is to demonstrate the potential of the international government to end conflict by drawing all three parts into one "whole," with everyone working together with the common goals of enabling everyone to function on a higher level.

Stage 2:

Organization children have been working together to create their projects, but now it is time to bring in the parents. This step involves preparations for the Full Training Session, when all the independent members come together to plan for the World Conference.

Stage 3:

Any organization independent members who participates in the World Conference must attend the Full Training Session. The advisors will come together to create the projects. The children must invited their parents because the parents are not willing to work together without playing the power games.

Stage 4:

If the independent members join the framework, then the parent who stood on the power games is also invited to participate.

Stage 5:

The United States offers security to Kuwait because there seems to be a common goal of stabilizing the region. That puts Kuwait ina difficult situation because they are a Muslim nation relying on a predominantly Christian nation that also provides security for Israel, which involves protecting Kuwait from another Muslim nation.

Stage 6:

We recommend the international government provide security from foreign threats, for the games to end, and for all nations to work together to do what is the highest good for all people.