Saudi Arabia: Stage 6
Saudi Arabia Advocates the Commerce Department

Once the departments are formed, they will start to deal with the crises. The explosion of innovation will be directed to solve the issues that arise, and with shared researchy, solutions will be found. Subsitute energy sources must be found. It makes no sense to burn up the world's oil in internal combustion engines. The transition must not destabilize any nation whose economy is dependent on oil. Oil will still be needed, but in small quantities as alternative used for it are discovered.

In the future, a process will be introduced that makes fine fabrics out of oil products. Saudi Arabis and the other oil-producing nations can bring in revenues from oil production without having to produce the same amounts that are needed now. The One World government will ensure the highest good for all people as the planet evolves to its higher level.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to turn the responsibility for solving the world's problems over to the experts in their fields, and to take politics and games of one-upmanship out of the equation. Saudi Arabia can advocated the creation of the international Department of Commerce, and demonstrate its potential to aid in the transition process from the old paradigm into the new.

Stage 2:

Organization advisors will assist in the process to create the Department of Commerce. They are experts in the same field, but will play no part other than to advise how to establish the structure and bylaws based on the highest good for all people, and faciliate the meetings during the One World Conference.

Stage 3:

It will be up to the departments and the nations to decide who participates and for how long. Our organization will host the first World Conference, but then it is up to the nations to hold future conferences.

Stage 4:

To prevent a power-base from forming around a particular city, our organization recommends that the location of the One World Government not be confined to one city, but that they meet for a period of time to handle the international issues, and then adjourn.

Stage 5:

The U.S. government signed free-trade agreements, such as NAFTA, with other nations, but is had created chaos in the legal system. This is the opportunity to undo that damage.

Stage 6:

Our organization recommends the end of unfair and inequitable trade agreements that have created chaos on the international and nations levels, and has led to wars and genocides.