Saudi Arabia (Stage 5)
The International Department of Commerce

Under the old structure, people are 180 degrees from where they think they are, which leads to game of war, genocide and massacre. Deals have been made with governments, but it is done at the expense of the people. The United States has made allies of its competitors and enemies of those who have the resources we need and we have the resources they need.

The new paradigm will require rethinking foreign policy. The competition will not be to acquire natural resources or to work to create an international presence or to offer foreign aid because the international government will make that obsolete. The idea will be to turn inside the nation to enable the people to prosper, because the nation's power will be based on population.

Stage 1:

The Department of Commerce will advise the international government and individual nations to keep trade flowing and business growing internationally. The departments will be sovereign and autonomous, which will allow the governments to turn their attentions inside the nations to enable the people to prosper. The department will eventually supersede existing institutions, such as the WTO and OPEC.

Stage 2:

Organization advisors in the business and economics segment will assume responsibility for our four economic stimulus projects and help to establish the Department of Commerce.

Stage 3:

Every nation will be able to send their experts on commerce to participate in the Department of Commerce and it committees and subcommittees.

Stage 4:

The Department of Commerce, in fact all of the economic departments, will be able to choose their own command structure, but we recommend the economic departments to be led by committee to ensure impartiality.

Stage 5:

The U.S. government has made allies of our competitors and enemies of the nation that have what we need. We have called for regime change to put dictators in power to ensure a constant flow of natural resources comes into the the United States. All of this is oppressive to the people, and has resulted in backlashes where no one wants to work with us. The solution is the creation of the international government and its Department of Commerce.

Stage 6:

We recommend the creation of the Department of Commerce to trigger an explostion of innovation as people realize the potential. This is the beginning of a global renaissance, and there is no limit to what mankind can create.