Saudi Arabia (Stage 4)
Commerce Department / Buddhism

There are three main religions represented in the Middle East, and each plays a preferred power game. Christians wage war, and Muslims call for jihad in protest. When the Jews believe they are victimized by the Muslims, the conflict becomes a genocide, and draws in more and more people until someone says, "stop."

The introduction of a fourth element into the equation stabilizes the crisis, and in the case of the Middle East, that is Buddhism, which involves bringing in the financial support. The conflict is not about religion, but about who controls the oil reserves and strategic location. The Department of Commerce of the international government will enable a sense of prosperity to be established in the Middle East, and for the conflict to end.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to end the conflict based on religion out of the Middle East by introducing the principles of Buddhism, and allowing everyone to function on a higher level economically. Our organization is demonstrating the potential of the Flower of Life teachings to create prosperity on the entire planet. The Faith of the Pure Ray declares that each of the major religions teaches principles that are necessary to create the life you want.

Stage 2:

Our Light Source Principles will some day become the basis for an invention that demonstrates balance of power in your life. Our technology team will demonstrate the principles.

Stage 3:

We are drawing in everyone to participate in the debate on the projects to demonstrate our intent not to leave anyone out of their benefits. There is no limit to what you can achieve when everyone works together.

Stage 4:

OUr projects cannot be pirated or retro-engineered, but anyone can apply these principles to create spin off technolgies for thier own use. They must stand on the principles of the projects or they won't work.

Stage 5:

The U.S. government has tried for years to find a solution to the instability in the Middle East, but U.S. involvement was oftentimes perceived as interference. It didn't address the root cause of the crisis, so it made the crisis worse.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the governments end the games of one-upmanship, announce support for the creation of the international government, turn responsibility for the crises over to the international government, and create policy to enable the people to prosper.