Saudi Arabia (Stage 2)
Lift the Public Plan / Introduced at the Azalea Festival

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Revenues from natural resources should enable the creation of programs that benefit everyone, such as jobs creation for the people of the lower economic levels. Small business is the backbone of any economy. Oftentimes the revenues go to benefit a small percentage of the population with the idea that the people can tolerate some squeezing. There is always a backlash to that game.

The "Lift the Public Plan," is a U.S. economic stimulus plan that benefits everyone, from government to consumer, enabling jobs creation amongst the lower levels of society, but extending benefits to all the levels through a chain reaction, a trickle-up concept.

Stage 1:

The children of our independent members are working to create their own projects, starting with small businesses and finding their niche. They will advise entrepreneurs and business owners on how they can implement the same principles.

Stage 2:

This is one of our U.S. economic stimulus plans. Our organization does not have the credibility to advise economists, and so we must demonstrate the potential of this plan, and start with the organization children, who have been squeezed by the economic crisis. They will work together to enable everyone to function on a higher level. One individual will teach them how to start and run a successful small business based on the Lift the Public Plan.

Stage 3:

The children will introduce the plan to local business owners at the local Azalea Festival in May, 2012, and draw them into the program. They will answer questions based on their own experience. Our plan establishes a chain reaction, where the benefits are passed on to suppliers and vendors. This inverts the rising cost of goods and services.

Stage 4:

The plan involves merchants set two prices for goods and services, and the consumer chooses. The lower prices is taxed as usual. The funds from the higher price go to fund a program to teach entrepreneurs how to start small businesses. Merchants can also turn over goods and services to a Lift the Public Shop to be handed out free.

Stage 5:

"Lift the Public" requires one simple change to U.S. federal laws, a new category in the 501(c)3 non-profit section of the IRS code. It will allow any business to become partially tax exempt.

Stage 6:

The same principles can apply anywhere. We recommend that governments turn inside of their nation to enable the people to prosper. Saudi Arabia, to diversify their economic foundation, must work to enable the small business sector to flourish.