Republic of Iraq (Stage 6)
Iraq Advocates the Local Courts

The genocides that are continuing in the DRCongo and Iraq have occurred under the watch of the United Nations. That institution has proven it does not have the capacity to end or prevent wars and genocides. Mandates handed down by the U.N. Security Council do not grant the authority to U.N. peacekeepers to stop the killing.

The international government will not attempt to dictate what occurs within a nation, but it sets into place many safeguards to protect the people, such as the fact that a nation's power will be based on its population, the departments will make fair and equitable trade agreements, and the Local Courts will handle disputes between nations of the same continent.

Stage 1:

Intolerance leads to inequality, and devolves step by step to the point of war, genocide and terrorism. For conflict resolution, all sides must be considered equal, and see the need to end the conflict. Participation in the One World Government is the opportunity to end the intolerance and for everyone to function on a higher level.

Stage 2:

Genocides occur on every level. People have experienced a family genocide as the family is torn apart by different goals. Our advisors can speak from personal experience because to become an organization advisor, the conflict in the family must be resolved.

Stage 3:

The governments must turn their attentions inside the country to enable the people to prosper. They must create a climate conducive to everyone creating a niche based on their talents and gifts, and work to create a national identity and niche based on natural resources that enable the creation of projects that benefit everyone.

Stage 4:

Our advisors must create a niche, and then everyone works together to create our projects. One individual assumes responsibility for the project. Just as the genocides devolve out of intolerance, stability and prosperity evolve out of tolerance and equality.

Stage 5:

The U.N. set up a "oil for food" program as part of the sanctions. Under the One World Government, a higher form of "oil for food" program can be instituted between nations, with the departments making fair and equitable trade agreements. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

Stage 6:

At the World Conference, Iraq can demonstrate the potential of the One World Government to end and prevent wars and genocides, and for the Local Courts to resolve disputes.