Republic of Iraq (Stage 4)
DRCongo Can Mentor Iraq/ Judaism

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one step ahead of Iraq in ending their genocide and creating a unity government, and like Iraq, they have vast natural resources that have not gone to benefit the people. They understand the crisis from their own personal experience. The DRCongo can mentor the Iraqis with a win-win agreement.

The conflict in both nations involved factions turning outside the country to draw in support. People saw themselves as part of a tribe rather than citizens of the nation. If a nations's natural resources are to benefit the people, all factions must turn inside the country and work together to create a national identity and a national niche, based on its natural resources. The benefits from the natural resources must go to projects that benefit all the citizens.

Stage 1:

The greatest resource a nation has is its people. Under the World Peace Plan, a nation's power is based on its population. A nation with greater population has more power in the House of Representatives, and if a government is oppressive, the people will have the right to leave the county, resulting in that nation losing power to influence legislation.

Stage 2:

If invited, the initial advisory team will travel to the DRCongo for our initial visit. We will draw together people from each region or province to explain how they can overcome their crises, and how to benefit from the participation in the proposed international government.

Stage 3:

We will have the delegates return to their towns to gather a census so that we can all work together to set up an election process to enable them to choose who will represent them in the proposed international government.

Stage 4:

Participation in the international government requires some modifications to the existing government structure, but does not affect their cultures or religions. The government must split into national and international levels, and they must decide who will be sent from their nation to partipate in the Departments. Our organization will explain the process.

Stage 5:

In the eyes of the world, the United States is responsible for rebuilding Iraq, but with the lack of trust, the United States must step back and allow others to deal with the process. By turning over responsibility to the organization and the DRCongo, the U.S. can repay our debt to Iraq.

Stage 6:

We recommend the DRCongo mentor Iraq and assist that nation out of its crisis. By doing so, the DRCongo rises out of its crisis. They can sit as equals in the proposed international government, and advocate how to end a genocide.