Republic of Iraq (Stage 3)
Inventors/Investors Parties and Asset Registry

Many third world nations have vast natural resources, but they become "bank accounts" for the industrialized nations, victims of the game of greed. A nation's natural resources should benefit the people, but oftentimes they are plundered to benefit only a select few. Covert and overt actions and massacres can become so oppressive that the people throw their resources away. When the people have no recourse to change what is unfair, it leads to terrorism.

Our organization's independent members are like third world nations. We are average people who have never managed wealth, but our fifty innovative projects have the capacity to make us very wealthy, and therefore they open us to covert and overt actions. We have to set into place policies that protect our security and capacity, just as Iraq must do to enable their oil reserves to benefit the people.

Stage 1:

Rather than giving our projects, we help people to create a niche based on talents and gifts. They create small businesses to create a cash flow. The organization can offer the entrepreneurs the opportunity to be part of a project.

Stage 2:

The projects do not belong to one individual. It takes the full 200 independent members of the organization to create a project, each functioning from his or her talents and gifts. Everyone must work together based on the highest good for all people, and stand on the principles.

Stage 3:

As people work to create their niche, to get oganization funding, they must present a plan to investors, who mentor and sponsor the inventor. Investors may be facing covert and overt actions, and rather than throw their money away, investors can sponsor an Inventor, or if it is an object, they can protect it by making it a part of our Asset Registry program..

Stage 4:

Under the Asset Registry Program, the items remain the property of the donor. It is like putting the items into a savings account. If it becomes apparent that the organization is facing coercion, the donors can just withdraw the items from their account.

Stage 5:

While it may seem like a good idea to rely on covert or over actions, massacres or genocide to gain control of natural resources, there is always a backlash to the games.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the industrialized nation that rely on the game to support the creation of the proposed international government. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future win-win agreements.