Republic of Iraq (Stage 2)
Children's Re-Empowerment Classes and Unity Play

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The power games are oppressive to the people. The Iraq War created ripple after ripple of crises, including the global economic crisis, and has drawn in every person on the planet. To pass the crises on to future generations is intolerable. They will be less capable of solving the crises, and each succeeding generation will sink lower than the preceeding. It will take seven generations to undo the damage that has been done.

Our Unity Play is one of our innovative projects, but it does not appear all that innovative because it relies on existing video technology and the stuff accumulated in a storage unit. The storage unit is becoming a movie set. The idea is to look around to see what you have. What is innovative is the movie itself, and our Intellectual Property Agreement.

Stage 1:

Our Unity Play is a teaching story that carries a family out of poverty by creating a family niche and networking it with friends. The audience can easily grasp the meaning of the movie and apply it in their own lives. Our plan is to offer the Unity Play to governments to enable the people to prosper. It stimulates the economy with a painless form of taxation.

Stage 2:

Organization children will work together on the movie. One young lady, who wishes to be an actress, will assume responsibility for carrying the project to its fruition. The others will understand the principles of the movie, and apply them to create their own project.

Stage 3:

Our organization will offer the script for lease to any group or institution, or government as part of our advisory catalog. It can be translated into any language.

Stage 4:

Many nations don't have the funds to pay for advisors to come to their country, but by choosing our Unity Play project and signing our Intellectual Propery Agreement, a portion of the income from the production will be returned to the government to enable them to procure our advisory services and create other projects in their country.

Stage 5:

The game of greed appears to work, but there is always a backlash to the games. Instead of getting control of the oil reserves, the United States started a civil war, and no one got control of the oil. A far better way to get what you need is through win-win agreements. Our children are demonstrating how much more fun it is to do a movie than to go to war.

Stage 6:

We recommend the governments of the world consider the potential of win-win agreements to rise out of their economic crisis. Win-win agreements build trsut and set the stage for future agreements, and there are no backlashes. the first step is to address what you have.