Iraq Exit Strategy (Stage 4)
Mediation / Faith of the Pure Ray

The Iraq War evolved not as a war, but as a genocide. That is why it has been so hard to end it. The normal path to end a war makes a genocide worse. A genocide continues to draw in more people until someone says, "Stop." It was an act of revenge, which involves five power games: war, genocide, massacre, human rights violations, and terrorism. To start to undo the damage, the one who waged war must address the issue of terrorism.

President Bush said terrorism comes because "some people are good, and some people are bad, and the bad people want to hurt the good people." The root cause of terrorism is that people "on the bottom" have no voice in matters of grave concern, and must raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. To start to end the backlashes, President Bush must give the Muslims a voice in this matter of grave concern by agreeing to the mediation.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to ask Saudi Arabia to host the mediation between George W. Bush and one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants, and to also invite the other world leaders who were drawn into the conflict. Mediation allows both sides to have an equal voice, the first requirement for conflict resolution.

Stage 2:

The organization mediation team is prepared to mediate the conflict, and if invited, will travel to Saudi Arabia once the conflict resolution events in England have occurred.

Stage 3:

We are introducing "The Faith of the Pure Ray," which draws all seven of the major religions into one spiritual body of teachings that are necessary to create the life you want. Each religion addresses one stage of the information, but also plays one favorite power game.

Stage 4:

The war created a schism between the governments and their peoples. The governments have been workint to create an international presence, and the people have been protesting that they have the right to express their cultures and religions without interference.

Stage 5:

Drawing religion into the justification for war made Muslims very angry. To put one religion over another leads to genocide, especially if it is official government policy. The U.S. Constitution separates Church and State for this reason.

Stage 6:

We recommend the governments work together to establish an international structure that treats all people fairly and equally, and respects the individual's right to culture and religion.