Iraq Exit Strategy (Stage 3)
Oxford and Stonehenge

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Prime Minister Tony Blain joined with President George W. Bush to invade Iraq, but there have been inquiries about their justification for the war. The fact that no weapons of mass destruction were found demonstrates that Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with U.N. sanctions. While it may be hard to consider Saddam Hussein an innocent man, the power games continue until an innocent person is sacrificed.

Saddam Hussein could not defend himself from prejudice and ulterior motives. The invasion of Iraq created a great backlash from those who stand on the principles of fairness and equality, and it started to collapse the old structure based on the games of one-upmanship. What must replace the present foreign policy is a legitimate international legal system that handles disputes between nations in a court system rather than the battlefield.

Stage 1:

We are offering England the opportunity to end the backlash by enabling them to fall back to their ancient niche of conflict resolution. Thousands of years ago, kings and queens from around the known world traveled to Stonehenge to peform rites to resolve disputes. We will also introduce the counterpoint of conflict resolution, the Grand Unification Principle (Unified Field Theory) to the theoretical physicists and mathematicians at Oxford.

Stage 2:

Organization channels and our technology team will work with the professors at Oxford on a book on the Grand Unification Principle. All the independent members of the organization will assist with the conflict resolution rite at Stonehenge.

Stage 3:

We will ask Muslims for donations of 200 Arab robes--100 black and 100 white--to use during the rite at Stonehenge. They will be worn by British troops to direct their focus away from aggression and toward conflict resolution and mediation.

Stage 4:

Stonehenge sits between two rivers, and one king will arrive from the north and one from the south. They will be feasted in Durrington, and on the dawn of the solstice, we will perform the rite to end the conflict. Then we will work with the professors at Oxford on a book.

Stage 5:

We recommend the failed policy of preemption become a thing of the past because a grab for power always results in a loss of power. It may take time to see the results, but there is always a backlash to the games.

Stage 6:

We recommend that to end the anger by Muslims directed at the governments, that they let go of the power games and to instead work to create their niche.