Iraq Exit Strategy (Stage 2)
Organization Established and the Professional Publishing Team

Track Our Progress

Many people fear for their future and their children's future. They are in circular thinking patterns, "I have to do something, but I don't know what to do"... over and over again. There are many possible issues, but the overview is the Iraq War. A series of ripples have gone out from it to affect the entire planet. No one seems to have a viable solution.

The Iraq War is collapsing the old paradigm based on games of one-upmanship. The power games no longer work. There is always a backlash to the games. People are being squeezed to let go of the old structure and to create something on a higher level. Mankind has to find a new structure that benefits everyone. What will it be?

Stage 1:

People have to understand that it is still possible to get their life on a higher level. That requires a plan that benefits every person on the planet, and explains stage by stage and step by step how the plan will carry each of us out of our crises.

Stage 2:

Karen Holmes, a channel (prophet), introduced the World Peace Plan and opened it to debate. She incorporated as a non-profit organization. The next step is drawing together a professional team to publish her trade books, channeled messages on world peace.

Stage 3:

We are introducing the stages and steps of the World Peace Plan through "Track Our Progress" materials, creating brochures, booklets and proposals to give to the governments.

Stage 4:

The World Peace Plan must be able to solve the problems mankind is facing better than the old structure. Governments have to understand how the crisis started, what is possible to create, and the steps to come out of the crisis. Our first focus is on ending the Iraq War, and undoing the damage it caused, because that is the overview crisis.

Stage 5:

The Iraq War started with one man's judgment of another, and because he is a man of great power, it continued to spread to eventually draw in every person on the planet. It was not the judgment of a president who was functioning under the principles of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. legal system is based on the principle that an individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the reason being, you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives.

Stage 6:

We recommend the end of the old structure based on power games, and that everyone join the debate on the World Peace Plan. Power comes not from having a strong military or being more important than another. Power come from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done. We recommend everyone work together to undo the damage from the games.