Constitutional Amendment Project (Stage 6)
U.S. Advocates the U.S. Constitution

Under the World Peace Plan, each nation will find its niche based on natural resources. It isn't always apparent what resources a nation has. A nation's niche is what it does better than any other, what sets it apart. The United States is an agricultural nation, and an industrial nation that has produced innovative technologies to the planet, but what sets us apart is our Constitution. People from all over the world have come here because America is the land of opportunity. The people of the world want the rights we have as Americans.

We do not have to be the most powerful nation on the planet. We can offer democracy without attempting to force our own agenda. We can regain our power and prestige we lost from going to war by offering to every person on the planet their inalienable rights. Our national niche is our Constitution, and we can market it to every nation on the planet.

Stage 1:

Our plan is for the United States to advocate the U.S. Constitution at the World Conference. We can help to establish the One World Government, and speak from over 230 years of experience. It will enable America to reassess our national identity and niche.

Stage 2:

At the world conference, a group of people, as yet un-named, from all over the world will start to craft the World Constitution. Our organization will offer insights on what must be addressed, and they will craft the document.

Stage 3:

The Constitution must be debated by the entire planet, and just as our own was crafted, not be signed until all agree to the final draft. Parts will be re-written many times, and not rushed through for the sake of expedience.

Stage 4:

It will take time to craft the Constitution, but because the Local Courts will be in effect, disputes will be taken off the battlefield, giving mankind time to craft the Constitution and create the new international government slowly and in perfect order.

Stage 5:

The United States must offer a purified legal system to the rest of the planet to prevent chaos from spreading onto the international level. We must address issues such as term limits, the Electoral College, and the election process and campaign financing.

Stage 6:

Our organization recommends that to establish a sense of stability again in the world, that the United States shares equally in the creation of the proposed international government.