Constitutional Amendment Project (Stage 5)
Purifying the U.S. Legal System and Foreign Policy

Before the U.S. Constitution can become the basis for the international government, the United States must purify our legal system to prevent contradictory laws or laws that benefit the few from spreading chaos onto the international level. Some laws that need to be addressed are the Electoral College, term limits, campaign financing and port-barrel legislation. This is the incentive to "clean house."

The United States has worked hard to create an international power base, but U.S. foreign policy is based on power games, and they are reaching their ultimate conclusion. This is a dilemma, and the solution is to do what is in everyone's best interest, which is the creation of the international government. There is no longer a need to create an international presence at the expense of the people, and to pass the crisis on to future generations.

Stage 1:

We have a two-part plan. The first is to establish programs in five law schools, with retired legislators teaching the classes along with organization advisors. The other is to host dinner parties for the U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices and possibly the president to address one law to ensure it is the higher good for all people.

Stage 2:

Organization channels will bring through the past kings, queens presidents and notables of history, and the spiritual hierarchy, to offer their perspectives on a particular law.

Stage 3:

Laws that have drawn the attention of the judges and justices or the people as being chaotic will be reviewed. We will put notices in magazines and trade journals saying that anyone who has been impacted by a law is welcome to offer their perspective.

Stage 4:

People around the world have made assumptions--good or bad--about the United States that aren't necessarily true. If we offer the U.S. Constitution as the basis for the One World Government, people may equate failed policies and gamesmanship with our Constitution.

Stage 5:

While the games appear to work, any law that cannot stand on its own merit or benefits only a few, or has proven to create chaos, needs to be reviewed.

Stage 6:

While it may seem like a good idea to pass legislation that benefits the few over the many, especially if you are one of the few, eventually there is a backlash to the game. Our organization recommends that the United States work to purify the U.S. legal system. At the One World Conference, a range of perspectives will be addressed, from the far wider to the narrowest, and we must be able to explain our rationale on these matters.