Constitutional Amendment Project (Stage 4)
States Apply to Congress / Christianity

Nearly every state has applied to Congress to hold an Article V amendment convention. Congress has refused to turn over power to the States and the People. With Congress deadlocked, many judges and law professors say now is the time for an Article V amendment convention, and for the States and the People to handle the crises.

The Grand Lie was told to justify the Iraq War. Many Republicans now have equated Christianity and war with partiotism. America is a melting pot of diverse cultures and religions, and our Constitution guarantees us equal rights. Each of the religions addresses one segment of the information necessary to create your life, but also plays a favorite power game. The game of choice for Christians is to wage war. It comes from Pride.

Stage 1:

The States are being squeezed economically, also, but can regain their power by calling for an Article v amendment convention and the creation of the international government, and turn the responsibility for economy over to the private sector.

Stage 2:

At our Training Center, our channels will eventually turn responsibility for helping people to overcome their crises cause by the Iraq War over to the Christians. Our Catholic Church in America project will work to undo the terrorism caused by the Crusades.

Stage 3:

Once the Christians assume responsibility, our plan is to take the World Peace Plan and the projects to the people through the Tent Tours. We go to towns of 15,000 to 100,000 people, and open the plans to debate, answer questions, and address the community's problems the way the international government will solve them.

Stage 4:

Our organization advisors will testify befor the state legislatures and the U.s. Congress, if requested, answer any questions and provide feedback from the people.

Stage 5:

We recommend to Congress to address the deadlock by returning to the idea of Separation of Church and State. The president of the United States must represent all the people of the nation, and to avoid conflict with other nations, to do what is in everyone's best interest, not just the interests of the United States.

Stage 6:

Congress's obejctions to the previous applications for Article V amendment conventions is that of bringing up issues that Congress is not ready to address. That can be resolved by limiting the docket to one overview amendment proposal- The World Peace Plan- and allowing the World Peace Plan to solve the other issues.