Constitutional Amendment Project (Stage 3)
Grassroots Movement and U.S. Survival Cards

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Waging war has created an economic crisis, and many people are being squeezed. To overcome the crisis and establish a firm financial foundation, each will find his or her niche based on talents and gifts, and then work with others in a series of win-win agreements to enable everyone to get their life on a higher level. The idea will spread to family and friends, and eventually everyone on the planet will function under this new paradigm.

We are spreading the idea through U.S. Survival cards. Create your individual niche, and market it to family to create a family niche, and then the family niche to friends—send cards to family to create a family niche, and then to friends, who do the same. The cards help to end the conflict in the family based on different goals, and create a sense of unity and diversity.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to create a network of people, all working to create their niche based on talents and gifts, and a global network of nations, making win-win agreements based on natural resources. No one must be left out of the framework.

Stage 2:

A grassroots movement starts with one seed. One person comes up with a idea that benefits everyone and the idea spreads. Grass spreads through its roots, and when mature, through seeds. The roots is the niche concept, and the seeds are our fifty innovative projects, which we are introducing based on the creation of the international government.

Stage 3:

The framework will extend to every person on the planet. The "Tree of Life" concept involves people becoming students to learn how to create their life, and the students become the teachers to family and friends until everyone on the planet is part of the network.

Stage 4:

Our advisors will work on the projects and draw others into the process, each addressing issues from their niche, their area of expertise. We are starting with general concepts, and each will then become more specific, down to the individual level.

Stage 5:

Government is supposed to assume responsibility for projects that are too large or costly for the individual to deal with, such as transportation and security. Government becomes oppressive to the people when the people are squeezed or bankrupted by failed policies.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the governments of the world support this new economic paradigm that enables people to function on a higher level. When left alone, most people will automatically work to create the life they want.