Constitutional Amendment Project (Stage 2)
On The Rainbow Training Center and Lobbying Team

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If the U.S. Constitution is to be the basis for the One World Government, people must understand that the power our leaders wield is derived from the people. Our organization is therefore calling for an Article V amendment convention, which is how our Founding Fathers crafted our Constitution. Amending the Constitution takes time. We will continue to walk forward while America decides.

We are equating ideas of the amendment movement with a movement to teach people how to create their ideal life. For peace to come, every person on the planet has to be able to create his or her ideal life, and find a niche based on talents and gifts, but people don't know how. Traumatic events caused by the power games, such as wars and genocides, create obstacles. Our goal is a global peace and prosperity movement with the potential to create a global renaissance.

Stage 1:

Until this time, there were no schools or institutions that teach people how to create their life. Our training center curriculum is channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis. We work with people who have been torn apart by the games. The students become the teachers until every person on the planet understands how to "rocket out of the abyss."

Stage 2:

The staff at On the Rainbow Training Center are channels and healers who are willing to help others by sharing their gifts. The lobbying team will draw together people who are concerned about the economy, and also wish to help spread the ideas about the World Peace Plan.

Stage 3:

People in crisis can come in for free private lessons with our channels, and attend our group channeling sessions. Our booklets and other printed materials carry students stage by stage and step by step through the process to create the life they want.

Stage 4:

The overview class spins off into several others, including planning and entrepreneurship classes. For people who know what they would like to create for their life, but are dealing with a stagnant economy, we offer our Multiply Your Resources Club.

Stage 5:

The power a nation has in the One World Government is based on its population. To maintain its power, nations must turn their attentions inside the country to enable the people to prosper.

Stage 6:

We recommend the governments of the world to start to consider their populations to be their most important resource, and the basis for their power. Even the lowest segments of society have something to offer.