Time Machine Project

The Plan
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Most people— history buffs in particular— will find this project remarkable. We are taking advantage of the fact that everything within Absolute Time functions “at the same time,” and combining that with the miracle of teleportation, and we will draw specific people from the past to the present to teach them about how wars, genocides and massacres can be averted or assuaged through the Fourth Element.

Will it create a time paradox and leave the present world obliterated in a moment? Lady Gaia promised she can draw forward people who have the genetic composition of the pure racial purpose, and so they do not affect the permutations that come about. These individuals can be brought forward to learn the principles of how to temper the swinging pendulum and bring it back to the straight and narrow, and affect the cycles of history before they are/were created.

For a clearer understanding of how Time works to change the past, please read Seth and Jane Roberts’s series, “The Education of Oversoul Seven.”

People from each century, starting with the time of Christ, will come forward for a short period of time, perhaps one week, and will be available to historians to give a first-hand account of life in their time period. At the same time, we will explain to them the effects of the games of the Seven Deadly Sins and how to temper the results, and then they can then go back to their own time to make the necessary changes, based on their own will.

These individuals will be taped, and the programs will be available to the entire world.

© Copyrights 2012, Karen Holmes