What Is Light?

"Light is a creative substance that when you put a thought-form into it, it creates matter."

There are two kinds of light—the particulate form of light and the wave form—just as their is two kinds of time—Relative Time and Absolute Time.* The particulate form of light (with an "l") is the light from the sun, for example. The wave form (with a "L") is unmagnetized Light, and when you put a thought-form into it, it creates matter. You could say that an idea is being coming down into the physical from the mental level.

Don't confuse the two forms of light when considering the Light Source invention, because it is based on the wave form of Light.

You must be very careful what you believe, what you dwell on, because it is manifested into the physical. As you dwell on something, you actually lose energy to it. Dwelling on something leaves you unempowered.

*Absolute Time is like a banquet table, with unlimited choices. Relative Time is like a stack of plates on the banquet table, and each stack is one belief structure apart. You progress through the stack with a cycle, like your life-cycle. It has a beginning and an end. Relative Time is ending now, and the opportunities are ending. The stacks are dwindling to the point where there is only one choice.

© Copyrights 2007, Karen Holmes