Getting Out of the Abyss

"Power Packet"

The games within the family unempower people, and this level is all about getting out of a family crisis as you work to regain your power. This step is the overview of the first level classes. You learn what put you into the abyss—what led to the loss of your personal power—and how to make the necessary changes in your life to regain or create a strong family and financial foundation.

Power Packet

This step of the World Peace Marketing Strategy focuses on power. What makes you lose power and how to overcome the oppressive power games that people play so you can walk forward to create the life you want. It is not just that you are a victim of the power games, because, as it declares in the "Victims of the World, Unite!" brochure, no one can prevent us from getting the life we want, including the "dirty, rotten scoundrels of the world." And when you rely on playing the power games, and grab for power, you face a backlash from the game and you lose power. What do you do then!?

Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done, and you rise and fall in power by the choices you make. To demonstrate this statement, the Power Packet contains a remarkable tool, called the "Intuitive Computer," which offers you three choices at the point of crisis, to go up in power by standing on the principles, straight ahead by ignoring the crisis and then it takes seven generations to undo the damage you have done, or to go down deeper into the crisis by relying on the games. It then explains the application of your choices by offering three more choices. With just 12 choices in all, you can "rocket out of the abyss."

The Intuitive Computer enables individuals to rocket out of the abyss, but mankind is facing the same three choices, also. By everyone working letting go of the oppressive power games, and by standing on the principles, it enables everyone to function on a higher level.


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