Getting Out of the Abyss

"Planning Packet"

Once you have regained your power, what will you do with it? You will work to undo the damage you have done by relying on the power games.

In a romantic relationship, you come together with what appears to be a common goal, but in fact, your goals are different. Each believes the other will help him or her to get their dream life, but that is not so. It eventually becomes apparent that the other person cannot help you get the life you want. As the relationship is coming to an end, one will stand on the principles, and out of fear, the other will go down into the games. The Planning Packet revolves around the fear of betrayal and revenge, and the premise that women wage war when their security or support is threatened.

The Planning Packet includes a booklet, "Women Wage War," and a chart for determining whether this was betrayal or misunderstandings triggered by fear, and on the reverse side, the principles you must stand on to create the life you want. Cards offer insights how to address the issues of betrayal and revenge.


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