Getting Out of the Abyss

"Chaos in the Family"

This project is not applicable for single generation families.

The traditional roles between men and women have reversed, with the man now responsible for the financial support of the family, and the woman taking care of the family, and this creates chaos. If the woman's financial support or security is threatened, she wages war. Prosperous families from the past functioned under the principles of Proverbs 31, "A Woman of Noble Character," where the woman is responsible for being the family breadwinner, and the husband defends her—keeps her fears from tearing apart the family.

Many women are not mentally prepared for assuming responsibility for the financial support of the family. Many men do not know how to stop a woman from tearing apart the family. The Chaos in the Family packet encourages women to gather into a entrepreneurship club, and it offers step by step advice to bring them to the point where each starts her own business. They will share ideas and offer a wider perspective of what is possible to create. While this is occurring, the men are learning how to defend their family and their source of income.


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