Acting Classes With Patrick Swayze

Our original plan was to ask actor Patrick Swayze to teach an acting class to our children, but he passed away from pancreatic cancer, so we are going to address pancreatic cancer in his memory. We are preparing for our Unity Play, which comes in a different segment of our planning.

Pancreatic cancer comes from three log-jammed belief structures related to compassion, capacity and an event that comes into your life that makes you believe you can't get the life you want. Mr. Swayze's messages of how to apply the lessons of how to become a great actor to enable you to overcome the crises in your life leave a legacy of capacity and compassion that will be remembered.


To learn more about pancreatic cancer,
and how we are working to cure this terrible disease, please go to:
Healing Arts Center
Pancreatic Cancer Project
Healing Arts Center

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