Level Four: Lightbearers

"Who Has What You Want?"

The last 25% of the population to come into any movement generally has no interest in the issue, and function for their own best interests. They function on the individual level. For most of our lives, all of us function in this segment of the population. We don't have to be actively participating in an endeavor to benefit from it. It would be impossible for one individual to actively participate in everything.

Politically, this segment are unaffiliated voters, and any politician, for example, understands that the unaffiliated voters are the segment of the population that sways an election. If your approval rating is below 25%, your time in office is coming to an end. The anger against you is rising because the issues are not being resolved.

Since January of 2008, everyone on the planet has been going through a severe spiritual test. The paradigm based on power games reached its ultimate conclusion in 2008, and it is collapsing. What used to work no longer works, and many people who rely on the power games are in crisis. Power grabs now achieve their opposite effect— a loss of power. People are being squeezed to let go of the power games and what we don't wish to experience in our lives anymore. Mankind must make a choice, to stand on principles and assume responsibility for undoing the damage that has been done by the people. Or, to ignore the crises and pass them on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage. Or, mankind can choose to go deeper into the games, and continue to face the backlashes. Going down includes resorting to criminal behavior. The collapse of the old paradigm is generating a great amount of fear across the planet, and a series of crises that seem to have no solution.

If you are in this segment related to the World Peace Movement, and you are in crisis, who has what you want? How can you make a win-win agreement if you continue to function for your own best interests? This segment will go to Lightbearers for help when in crisis. You have the three choices here, too. To rise out of your crisis, you can choose to listen to the advice of your Lightbearer. This is the same choice the Flower of Life people are making to gain back their power. They choose to go up, and join the "Flower of Life" level, to get out of the abyss. This path takes you forward if you ignore the advice or go down into the games.

There are always a minimum of 144,000 Lightbearers on the planet. Each is parallel to a culture or language, and teaches the principles to their people. But, even the lightbearers are facing their tests. So, here we are offering the overview concept of how the games lead to crisis and, if unchecked, where this path leads. Light bearers bridge our organization with the general public. Lightbearers are watchdogs for the organization to ensure we stand on the spiritual principles.


In our first project of this row, The Light Source Invention, we open to debate how power games devolve into wars and genocide that are so oppressive to the people.

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