Children's Re-Empowerment Classes

"Who Will Help Me Get the Life I Desire?"

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When a couple divorces it is because they have different goals, and each goes his or her own direction. One stands on the principles that he or she has the right to create his or her life, and the other, out of fear, goes down into power games. If children are involved, they may attempt to control the situation, and it unempowers them because they are not mature enough to assume responsibility. The child's life is sacrificed, and he or she is left on a proverbial bridge with no solid foundation.

The same thing is occurring on the national and international levels as a result of the Iraq War. One stood on the principles and the other the games, and it is tearing apart the nations. The power games continue on until an innocent person is crucified.

If you are in this situation, and your family has been torn apart, to get the life you want, you must allow your child to get the life he or she wants. Oftentimes they are still willing to work together, and they have suffered because of the power grab. We are not casting blame, but saying the power grab didn't work to help you create the life you want. We recommend that you allow your child to be able to get his or her life without interference, and watch to see how it is done.

The First Battle of Armagddon

Our children's catalog covers our children's principles and projects. We are starting with the children of our independent members to create the projects, but many other projects spin off, and the same four levels apply with every movement. While you may not be directly involved with creating one of these projects, you may be on the Flower of Life level, the project level, the support level, or the LightBearer Level. Or, in the case of our Unity Play, you can purchase the DVD and watch our children create their lives, and apply the same principles in your own family.

For additional information about this crisis, we refer you to the Armageddon Series from On The Rainbow Peace Store.

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