Author Topic: 2012: Exit Strategy for Iraq  (Read 669983 times)

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2012: Exit Strategy for Iraq
« Reply #9885 on: June 30, 2016, 07:42:46 AM »
This proposal is a U.S. economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain to the Middle East, but it benefits everyone.

Saddam Hussein had been an ally of the United States, and when it became apparent that George W. Bush could not stop the insurgency, it would have been possible to make an agreement with him, to put him back into power temporarily with the requirement that he work to prepare Iraq for full participation in the international government. His death made that impossible, and so one of his lieutenants will be offered the opportunity to do the same thing, but with some necessary changes to the original proposal.

The preemptive strike devolved as a genocide, and ripples of effects have gone out to draw in more and more people. Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, so the new proposal must overcome the illusion that has been woven. We must address the issue of ISIS, and the grab for power being perpetrated by those who took advantage of the conflict in Iraq.

This proposal sets the stage for conflict resolution between one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants and George W. Bush, starting with an event at Oxford and Stonehenge, and then mediation and then a court case that our organization sets up in a neutral nation. We are treating this conflict as the first case in our proposed international court system--which will be part of the proposed international government.
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2012 Exit Strategy for Iraq
« Reply #9886 on: November 04, 2016, 06:07:47 PM »
Bush exit strategy: Fire up the paper shredders and make sure the jet has enough fuel to get to Uraguay.